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Lock-in Couch

[Lock-in couch w/ 12" wide dividers]
Lock-in couch with 12" Divider Tables
  [Lock-in couches w/ 21" wide dividers]
Lock-in couches with 21" Divider Tables
Lock-in Couch
The Lock-in couch gets its name from the seat design.  Originally, these couches were made on a solid frame and both the back cushions and the seat cushions were removable and “locked” in place against each other.  We have changed the design of this couch (although the original is still available) to incorporate a hand-tied spring back with thick foam on top to provide extreme comfort.  As in all of our furniture, these couches incorporate commercial-grade flame retardant foam for long life, comfort and safety.
   The units can be made in nearly any length and are often divided with our classic rounded front Divider Tables.
(Overall Dimensions 33.5"H x 27"D; Width available from 36"W to 96"W; Seat 18.5"H)

Lock-in Couches Along a Wall

A Corner Combination with
Horizontal Channel Back

Also Consider:
Divider Table - 12" wide
An attractive table placed between couches as an armrest. Holds drinks, plates, and ashtrays. Makes each couch feel more individual and private.
(Overall Dimensions 12"W x 36"D x 24"H)
Divider Table - 21" wide
A wider version of the table described above. The optional solid core top allows this table to also be used as an additional dancing stage!
(Overall Dimensions 21"W x 40.5"D x 24"H)
Corner table (not shown)
A square divider table used to continue a line of couches around a corner. Available in either a standard or solid core top.
(Overall Dimensions 30"W x 24"H x 30"D)

Upholstery available in fabric, vinyl, or leather.
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Leasing/Financing options available!
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